My top 10 post-college travel destinations


I love it.

Kim Seng / flickr
Kim Seng / flickr

Every time I get on a plane to go somewhere new, the jittery butterflies in my belly begin to flutter. Something – well, actually everything – about traveling invigorates my soul.

When I graduate college, all I want to do is see as many places as I can, meet as many people as I can, experience as many cultures as I can, learn as many skills as I can, see as many new viewpoints as I can…you get the point. A steady, grounding career that keeps me in one place does not interest me one bit, at least not at the ripe age of 20.

Here are my top 10 travel destinations, all of which I plan to go to (and temporarily live in!) upon graduating:

New Zealand

Siyamalan I Flickr
Siyamalan / flickr

Here, the opportunities are endless. With breathtaking landscapes to see throughout the North and South islands, thriving metropolitan cities, adventure sports abound, and friendly, open-minded locals, there really is no downside to New Zealand.

Costa Rica

Chris Wronski / Flickr
Chris Wronski / flickr

Surfing, anyone? The Central American country’s pura vida lifestyle encourages a laid-back lifestyle that no one can protest.


xiquinhosilva / flickr
xiquinhosilva / flickr

Thailand is something of a travel hub for all of Southeast Asia, so it’s a great place to start for those wanting to explore surrounding countries. Beautiful leafy jungles, famous sandy beaches, delicious thai cuisine (!!!) and affordable prices make this place tough to beat.


Khanh Hmoong / flickr
Khanh Hmoong / flickr

Street life in Vietnam is safe and colorful, making it a great destination for young travelers. With the unique mountains, sandy beaches and welcoming locals, you won’t want to stay inside.


*saipal / flickr
*saipal / flickr

Laos, another quaint country in Southeast Asia, also boasts beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and is quite safe for solo travelers. Plus, it hasn’t gained too much popularity on the travel spectrum, so it’s not yet overrun with tourists.


Kyle Taylor / flickr
Kyle Taylor / flickr

Ever since reading Jamie Zeppa’s book, “Beyond the Sky and the Earth,” I have longed to visit Bhutan. The mountainous country is a Himalayan Kingdom with a mystical feel and traditional Buddhist culture. The country prides itself on the fact that Gross National Happiness is deemed more important than Gross National Product.


Patrik M. Loeff / flickr
Patrik M. Loeff / flickr

Bali, although sometimes known as a place frequented by wild partygoers, has plenty to offer for everyone. The tropical location is the perfect place to learn surfing, yoga or meditation – or all three!


Edward Dalmulder / flickr
Edward Dalmulder / flickr

Nepal is a backpacker’s paradise. The country boasts eight of the world’s 10 tallest mountains. The culture and history here is rich as well. Trek away, my friends.


Moyan Brenn / flickr
Moyan Brenn / flickr

Amsterdam’s lively, liberal lifestyle draws many young travelers from all over the globe. Museums, stores, restaurants, coffee shops and nightlife line the canal centered streets and offer plenty to do.


Moyan Brenn / flickr
Moyan Brenn / flickr

Iceland’s unusual natural environment allows for exciting activities such as hikes to hot springs, glacier excursions, snorkeling and much more. The country is also very English-friendly, so there’s no language barrier. Solo-trips are very popular here, as the country is extremely safe.

There you have it, folks! My top 10 post-college travel destinations.

Watch out world, here I come 😉


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