Travel: an annual one-week escape from the corporate world, or a lifestyle?

I’ll choose the latter.


However, as a financially-inept college student, most would assume that traveling is not in my post-graduation itinerary.

It would be logical for me to take my journalism degree, move to a big city, and begin working for some type of news or marketing agency. I would get the job, get an apartment, adopt a cat, and begin to plant my roots in one place.

As exciting as this seems, it just isn’t the case.


My plans for my 20’s include moving to new places and taking up new experiences as often as my heart desires. This could mean teaching in Thailand for six months, taking part in a sailboat expedition on the South American coast for a year, working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for some time, the list goes on. Settling down this young sounds boring and, well, awful.

Now that the ideology has been established……………………HOW?

Don’t fret, my friends.

There are plenty of  resources for nomadic, travel-minded people like you and I.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Go Abroad and Transitions Abroad provide job opportunities in countries all over the world for international workers.
  2. Backdoor Jobs and Coolworks advertise seasonal/short-term jobs relating to the outdoor industry. National Park jobs, ski-resort jobs, and even scuba dive instructor careers are all available on here!
  3. Workaway and WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) are work-exchange programs. You are usually provided with free room and board by your host, in exchange for a certain number of hours of work per week. Workaway hosts workers at hostels, farms, retreats, and the like, while WWOOFing primarily deals with organic farming. This is a great way to see the world and meet like-minded people without spending a lot of money.

While many people think full-time travel is impossible, it’s not. What makes it difficult is settling down and racking up recurring bills and expenses (think apartment rent, car insurance, etc.) If you’re willing to compromise on these typical luxuries and live an alternative lifestyle, traveling full-time is viable and an amazing way to live life.


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