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twitter-iconI first activated my twitter back in high school. The extent of my usage of the social media site was limited to weird posts that didn’t make sense (I thought I was funny), angsty messages from overly dramatic high school me and plenty of “HAHA”s being thrown across the electronic walls with close friends.

Here are real examples from 2013 Steph:

“Reevaluating my priorities and discovering what truly matters”


“gonna eat until all these shitty feelings go away”

“I hate crying about situations you can’t change”

“Shut up mom”


If you ever want to confirm that you’ve grown and made progress as a mature human being, go back and look at your tweets from high school.

Jokes and embarrassment aside, my twitter usage died down after my freshman year of college. Facebook became cool again, and the turquoise icon got deleted off of my iPhone.

Fast-forward to 2015. Multimedia Journalism class. Teacher says we need to start tweeting.

Who would’ve thought that we could get class credit for tweeting? College journalism is pretty neat.

Over the past few months, I have grown to appreciate twitter in ways I couldn’t recognize back in high school. After cleaning up my “following” list and adding accounts that really did matter, I’ve become aware of the incredible connectedness the social media app provides.

For those wanting to stay in the loop, news through twitter is concise and to the point. There’s no need to fight through tons of meaningless content to find what you want to read. If you follow the right accounts, you can get all your necessary news from this one app.

The communication avenues through twitter are very open as well. A student can tweet to a CEO, a small business can communicate with potential customers, photographers can entice their followers with beautiful shots. There are so many possibilities for communication and outreach through twitter.

Although it does take dedicated, conscious effort to build a following and be successful, twitter is an invaluable tool when it comes to social media marketing. Whether an individual is marketing themselves or a business is growing their consumer base, twitter is at the forefront of the movement.

As I continue to be interested in writing and plan to pursue a career that involves social media, twitter is essential for me to master.

I will continue to post regularly on the app, and don’t worry, I can promise that the angsty, “deep” tweets are done with for good.

Follow me on twitter: @steph_coates8




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