Multimedia Journalism Takeaways

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.jpegThis semester flew by.

I still remember the striped blue dress I wore on move-in day in August. All the new freshman scurried around, moving into their dorms, attending orientation events and meeting new friends.

I can’t believe four months have already passed. Holy crap.

If I were to sum up my first semester of junior year in one word, it would be: growth.

The amount of growth I’ve done in the past four months is impressive, both mentally and emotionally.

Before this semester, I couldn’t tell you what Adobe inDesign was. I had no idea how to make audio soundslides, and thought the rule of thirds had something to do with dinner portion sizes.

The vast array of concrete skills I’ve attained this semester is something I’m very grateful for. For that, I have Tanya Canino, my journalism professor, to thank.

This semester, I took:

-Journalism Workshop


Multimedia Journalism


-Mass Media & American Society


I’ve been pushed to my stress limits in these classes, and at times, I’ve wanted to drop out. I seriously considered it once!

Even though the journalism-intensiveness of this semester has burned me out a bit, I can’t complain. I’ve gained so much in return, and am a lot mentally and emotionally tougher than I was before.

Multimedia Journalism, in particular, has taught me tons of worthwhile skills. Everything we’ve learned in this class can be applied in the future. Not one assignment was “busy work.” I can proudly say I’m walking away from the class with newfound skills in all aspects of multimedia journalism.

I know how to blog. I can upload content to a website. I can shoot photos and edit them on photoshop. I’ve got a handle on social media. I tweet. I can edit audio on audacity. I can create soundslides. I can create a personalized, interactive Google map. I can make a Storify. I can shoot and edit video.

Best of all, I’ve realized how fun and interesting these skills are, and plan to incorporate them into a future career.

Thank you SNC, and especially Tanya, for the stressful and wonderful semester full of constant discovery. I’m looking forward to taking Intermediate Multimedia Journalism this spring.



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